Fall league site migration is completed

Posted 10/8/18

The migration to the new web host has been completed. There were several results that were entered after the database was backed up by the previous web host in order to be migrated. Those results will need to be reentered. FYI the summer league site is not available currently in case anyone checks. We are still working to complete the summer league site migration.

Sporadic website availability this week

Posted 9/25/18

There have been some reports of sporadic availability for the league website. We are in the process of transferring the website to a different web host this week, which appears to be affecting the availability. Managers, it may be best to wait to enter results/stats from this week until after the transfer to the new host is complete, which should be by the end of the week. If the site/database is not available at the time that you submit the stats, it will error out and you will have to enter them again. I will post once I have been informed that the host transfer is complete.

9/23 games moved to Airport Park(Blaine)

Posted 9/23/18

All games for Sunday September 23rd have been moved to Airport Park in Blaine (2130 105th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55449). Pioneer Park is closed this weekend per Little Canada, due to field damage caused by the recent rain (which is unable to to be repaired until after this weekend due to wet field conditions). The game times (and field numbers) for tonight will remain the same as they are currently listed on the website, with the exception of Rose Hill/St. Mark who will play on Field 3 (still at 8/9PM), due to an issue with one of the sets of lights on Field 1 at Airport Park (which shouldn't be a problem for the early games on Field 1). FYI, Airport Park is not in the database of parks on the fall league website in order to update the website, so the website will continue to show Pioneer Park.

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Complete Stats2018 Regular Season League Leaders

Batting Average*
Hanson, Andy .920
Faulken, Al .906
Purvis, Dan .825
Fremont, Jason .800
Kath, Brent .800
Hoyt, Mike .796
Quinn, Gabriel .795
Barnhart, Nathan .760
Graf, Steve .746
Hanson, Ben .743
Home Runs
Hanson, Andy 19
Purvis, Dan 16
Nettleton, Tony 11
Fremont, Jason 8
Mulloy, Todd 7
Chapple, Joe 6
Ciccone, Tom 6
Barnhart, Nathan 6
Faulken, Al 6
Soderquist, Dan 5
Fremont, Jason 48
Faulken, Al 48
Purvis, Dan 47
Hanson, Andy 46
Kath, Brent 44
Graf, Steve 44
Hoyt, Mike 43
Nettleton, Tony 40
Barnhart, Nathan 38
Heim, Eric 37
Extra Base Hits
Hanson, Andy 31
Nettleton, Tony 24
Purvis, Dan 23
Fremont, Jason 21
Graf, Steve 18
Hoyt, Mike 18
Kath, Brent 15
Frudenberg, Danny 15
Ciccone, Tom 14
Faulken, Al 13
Faulken, Al 35
Carstens, Brian 32
Thoennes, Jake 30
Hamer, Jon 30
Montbriand, Chris 30
Kath, Brent 29
Border, Mike 29
Fremont, Jack 28
Barnhart, Nathan 28
Chatt, Brian 28
Kath, Brent 15
Hoyt, Mike 13
Frudenberg, Danny 11
Nettleton, Tony 10
Quinn, Gabriel 10
Heim, Eric 9
Graf, Steve 9
Fremont, Jason 8
Dreyer, Corey 8
Grandstrand, Daryl 8
Fremont, Jason 5
Graf, Steve 4
Hanson, Andy 4
Reimer, David 4
Nettleton, Tony 3
Stravers, Drew 3
Schminkey, Kyle 3
Larson, Alex 3
Kuntz, Jeffrey 2
Purvis, Dan 2
Hanson, Andy 68
Nettleton, Tony 58
Graf, Steve 58
Purvis, Dan 53
Fremont, Jason 39
Barnhart, Nathan 36
Soderquist, Dan 36
Faulken, Al 36
Hoyt, Mike 34
Heim, Eric 31
Batting Average
St. Mark Lutheran .690
EB Red .684
North Haven Deuce .629
Pursuit Community Church .571
ECC Warriors .555
Willowbrook .544
Roseville Baptist .529
St. Stephanus .489
Rose Hill Alliance .468
Maranatha .432
Home Runs
North Haven Deuce 38
EB Red 36
ECC Warriors 35
St. Mark Lutheran 18
Roseville Baptist 8
Willowbrook 7
Maranatha 3
Rose Hill Alliance 2
Pursuit Community Church 1
St. Stephanus 1
St. Mark Lutheran 376
North Haven Deuce 363
EB Red 329
ECC Warriors 278
Pursuit Community Church 240
Willowbrook 212
St. Stephanus 199
Roseville Baptist 171
Maranatha 114
Rose Hill Alliance 88
Extra Base Hits
North Haven Deuce 114
EB Red 98
ECC Warriors 91
St. Mark Lutheran 86
Roseville Baptist 47
Willowbrook 46
Pursuit Community Church 45
St. Stephanus 31
Maranatha 24
Rose Hill Alliance 18
St. Mark Lutheran 290
North Haven Deuce 249
EB Red 231
Pursuit Community Church 195
ECC Warriors 187
St. Stephanus 168
Willowbrook 166
Roseville Baptist 124
Maranatha 90
Rose Hill Alliance 70
St. Mark Lutheran 60
North Haven Deuce 60
EB Red 57
ECC Warriors 46
Pursuit Community Church 37
Roseville Baptist 33
Willowbrook 31
St. Stephanus 25
Maranatha 19
Rose Hill Alliance 13
North Haven Deuce 16
ECC Warriors 10
Willowbrook 8
St. Mark Lutheran 8
Pursuit Community Church 7
Roseville Baptist 6
St. Stephanus 5
EB Red 5
Rose Hill Alliance 3
Maranatha 2
St. Mark Lutheran 295
North Haven Deuce 279
EB Red 271
ECC Warriors 251
Pursuit Community Church 149
Roseville Baptist 135
Willowbrook 129
St. Stephanus 129
Maranatha 77
Rose Hill Alliance 38